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Tony Ten Fingers

Tony found out that he could tell a good story the day he got himself in a dimmed lighted room with some of his "colleagues" awaiting to be entertained. A great story can put you in the middle of the conversation or, like in Tony's case, even save your life.

We all have that friend who everybody hopes will never start talking, and as soon as he opens his mouth, all eyes roll to the sky! Nobody wants to be that guy. So, if you have an amazing story​ but don't know how to tell it, just pick up your phone and give Tony a ring! He's mastered the art of storytelling and will never shy away from working with one of his contacts. As he always says: "Yeah, I know a guy!". Anyway, if you'v got the story but not the tale, hit Tony up!

Oh yeah, before I forget! Tony never fucks up! The reason why he still has all of his fingers!

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